All done. 365 photos taken.


The 365/2010 Project

The idea behind this is to take at least one photograph each day of the year.  I am in a Flickr group of around 70 people who are looking to do the same thing (, so if you want to see some more stuff take a look there.

Not all the photographs are going to be wonderful works of art; actually few will be, but that’s not the idea.  In part this is a record of daily life: the people I pass in the street, the sights I see, some photographic ideas that I get, the accidents that happen (Day 200!), and inevitably a number of cats.

My main camera is a Nikon D300, but during a large part of this project (including a trip to Greece) I have used my Ricoh GX200 compact.  It’s small and light which means it goes almost everywhere, and it produces a good image to boot.

If anyone out there is watching, then I hope you get some enjoyment out of these photos – if so please feel free to comment.  And if you are watching and don’t like the photos then please leave a comment stating why.




Richard Reader

Kent based photographer living in the Medway Towns

via Richard Reader.


Tulip, originally uploaded by luciferscage.

I really don’t know where the time goes these days. This shot was actually taken four weeks ago and yet we’ve waved goodbye to tulips, tree blossom and bluebells in that time.


Cloudscape, originally uploaded by luciferscage.

Day 365 365/2010 – Whitstable Jetty

As half expected, the 31st December arrived mild, slightly misty and damp; not promising for a dramatic end of year/end of project shot. So a short trip to one of my favourite areas for photography, Whitstable, was in order as there has to be something there whatever the weather. Forgot to check tides (it was going out and near low water when I got there) and I couldn’t see where water and sky met, but I did have the Lensbaby with me.
So, that’s it. The 365/2010 project is complete and therefore the object of this blog has been met.

Day 364 365/2010 – Smarties

Penultimate day of the 365/2010 project and back from the brief trip to Devon (therefore no moody seascapes). So have some smarties.
Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be a bit better than fog so I’ll get a chance to get outside for the final shot of the project.


Day 363 365/2010 – Avocets at Topsham I

Another gloomy day of mist and rain. Decided to take a trip to Topsham and popped into a RSPB hide overlooking the River Exe. Fortunately there were a number of avocets around which were just settling after being spooked by a bird of prey (probably a peregrine falcon). Conditions (fog, rain, distance, naff light, small bird) made the D300 and 70-300 struggle, but managed to get a few shots after a bit of work in Lightroom.

Day 362 365/2010 – Shell Cove and Horse Cove, Dawlish

All hopes of getting onto Dartmoor dashed by thick fog and mist. Temperature had gone up to 9C (from sub zero temperatures the day before), so the snow was meting fast and being washed away while we took the coastal path between Holcombe and Dawlish.